Situational Awareness - You can’t protect what you don’t know

While security professionals understand the business goals and realities that define the right policies, in a changing environment they find it hard to know the true state of the network. Nowadays, enterprise networks don’t have clearly defined boundaries, elements in a typical network change constantly, people are revolving in and out of the organization at a rapid rate, and rogue systems, outsourcing, contractors and consultants constantly inject unknown risks.

Our proprietary security technology platform provides unparalleled transparency into the state and activity of each system on the network in your premises or in the cloud. This enables a high degree of automation that quickly identifies changes on individual systems and automatically updates their security policies. An unparalleled level of automation is delivered through unique features across platforms — including dynamic host grouping, self-updating policy deployments, and risk assessment capabilities — that provide a clear and continuous understanding of the individual roles of machines and users, as well as the observed characteristics, security posture, associated risk and value of systems.


This Situational Awareness enables administrators to:

  • Automatically configure machines in accordance with regulatory requirements and security best practices;
  • Scrutinize configurations for weaknesses and apply polices to enforce them;
  • Restrict the ability of unauthorized or non-compliant machines to harm critical resources;
  • Assure that only approved hardware and software have access to key systems;
  • Discover and contain new machines coming on the network.