About us

Our business is actually about you!

1stmarkets, Inc. is a global supplier of innovative IT technology, consulting and professional services that helps enterprises streamline and secure their IT. Through its AXTEO Cyber Security division, 1stmarkets offers a reliable and expert alternative to in-house resources for enhancing data protection and security compliance.

AXTEO Cyber Security Solutions is a specialist in information security. Our expertise lies in identifying, analyzing and minimizing network and system security risks. We offer comprehensive services and solutions that address the information security requirements of our customers, allowing them to grow and achieve their business goals securely.

1stmarkets - AXTEO gathers a team of professionals animated by a strong commitment to bring superior services and technology to the world's enterprise and government markets. 1stmarkets' worldwide operations are headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada with the North-American operations based in Dallas, Texas and the EMEA operations in Munich, Germany.

We love what we do, therefore we do it well and with passion.