Managed Data Security & Compliance Services

We are dedicated to maximizing customer value through quality, innovative and affordable technology and services. Innovation, affordability, quality of service and commitment to our customers form the foundation of our business strategy characterizing our market positioning.

Protecting your data starts with your people – improve their education about IT security especially phishing: providing information to unknown individuals or parties is always suspicious!

AXTEO data security services program provides:

  • Persistent situational awareness through network monitoring and host profiling
  • Security Policy definition, deployment, monitoring, enforcement
  • Security Best Practices and Regulatory Compliance automation and reporting
  • Cyber Risk Assessment
  • Threats prevention, not just events monitoring


AXTEO offers cyber threat intelligence and mitigation through customized services providing:

  • Enhanced visibility into endpoint configuration and network threat exposure
  • Security Analytics & Advanced Threat (AT) Detection and Identification
  • AT Prevention through security controls enforcement
  • Adaptive Access Control to digital assets
  • Forensics Analysis
  • Security compliance audits
  • Risk adjusted visibility to manage and protect digital assets
  • Ext/Internal Compliance and Security Reporting