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1stmarkets, Inc. is a global supplier of innovative IT technology, consulting and professional services.

AXTEO Cyber Security Solutions a division of 1stmarkets provides cyber security managed services and consulting services to enterprise and government clients. AXTEO Cyber Security provides organizations with a robust, comprehensive portfolio of specialized services, technologies as well as expertise to face today’s sophisticated IT security compliance requirements, combat advanced threats and prevent data breaches.

Today's IT Security and Compliance challenges are fast developing and constantly changing, therefore you need a capable and committed partner - check us out!

We specialize in data protection, cyber security compliance automation, enforcement, risk assessment as well as security infrastructure optimization and management.

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We say what we do, we do what we say, always keeping things clear and easy to understand.

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All our solutions are cloud ready by purpose. You have the choice. Are you ready to move to the cloud?

Our Expertise

We are dedicated to maximizing customer value through quality, innovative and affordable technology and services. Innovation, affordability, quality of service and commitment to our customers form the foundation of our business strategy characterizing our market positioning.

Cloud Security & Compliance

Moving to the Cloud, means a shift from on-site IT to off-site virtual, global resources. This requires centralized, automated cloud security completed by superior compliance, management, monitoring, privacy and analysis tools. We provide efficient solutions to accomplish this.

Network Security Monitoring

Network Security Monitoring providing in-depth visibility and continuous situational awareness is one of the main building-blocks of every organization's security foundation. We provide powerful tools to produce the right network security and compliance metrics aligned with your business objectives.

IT-Compliance Automation

With audit requirements increasing through governmental regulation and industry security policy requirement, ensuring security compliance has never been a higher priority. The Elemental Cyber Security compliance solution helps save both time and money by reducing the frequency of internal audits, by decreasing the effort of measuring and demonstrating compliance with internal and external audit and regulatory requirements.

IT-Risk Mitigation

The Elemental Cyber Security Platform programmatically determines the value and risk of your systems with high granularity. This capability allows to identify high value and at-risk systems immediately. We enable organizations to identify, mitigate, manage and automate IT-Risk.

How we solve your problems

1stmarkets started out as an International Consulting business. In such a business Trust combined to Expertise are paramount. Within AXTEO Cyber Security Solutions, a division of 1stmarkets, Trust is part of our DNA and strengthen our base with every customer engagement.

We provide expert advice

Short in-person or on-line meetings enable us to quickly understand your cyber security issues and the challenges you might face while dealing with them. We will provide you with next steps to effectively assess your real situation and define an action plan.

We perform an objective analysis

We assist with performing an impartial assessment of your organization's cyber security maturity level and provide you with the right tools to do it. We provide detailed reports and recommendations while working with you to define the required action plan for a better security policy and underlying infrastructure.

We help you enhance your security posture

We work with you to implement the best security strategy and best-in-class technologies, policies and procedures in order to achieve business aligned security controls, compliance requirements and risk exposure levels.

We help you maintain proper security level

Finding the right expertise and allocating enough specialized resources is a common challenge every IT organization has to put up with. We can assist with or supplement your valuable resources by remotely manage most of the implemented security solutions while maintaining high standards of managed services including: monitoring, detection, mitigation, compliance enforcement, reporting and notification of interested parties.


AXTEO Customer Support & Professional Services

At 1stmarkets - AXTEO, we have an unwavering commitment to our customers and partners.

Our highly trained consultants, developers and technicians are dedicated to providing quality consulting servics and superior support across our products and services. Training, SW development and other professional services are extending our continuously evolving solutions and services offer.